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Published on 2 April 2012
​​​​​​Biodiesel production by microalgae

ANR Bio-Materials and Energy program 2011, financing for 36 months.
Coordinator : M. Jérémy Pruvost (laboratoire Génie des Procédés-Environnement-agroalimentaire, Nantes)

An integrated approach to achieve technological and biotechnological breakthroughs​

Because of their high surface productivity, their ability to accumulate large amounts of lipids while absorbing CO2 by photosynthesis, microalgae are often seen as a promising bioresource plant for industrial and sustainable biodiesel production . However, many biological and technological breakthroughs remain to be developped before considering large-scale and economically viable production.

GEPEA Nantes
LTB CEA of Grenoble
Alpha Biotech

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