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Research Topics

Gas exchanges and Imaging

​Photosynthesis, respiration and evapotranspiration can be continuously measured during plant cultures.

Published on 16 April 2015

Gas exchanges

Thanks to the high airtightness of the culture chambers and the fine regulation of various environnemental parameters, net photosynthesis, respiration and evapotranspiration are continuoudly measured.

Imaging for plant phenotyping

A new generation of culture chambers (IMAPLANT) has been recently designed by integrating new technologies. Lighting is supplied by 500 LEDs. A robot equipped with 3 different cameras can move automatically (x, y and z axis) to take pictures at regular time intervals of each of the 81 pots.

3 types of imaging can be performed: visible, thermal (to study evapotranspiration for example) and chlorophyll fluorescence. Using this multiple imaging, individual monitoring of plant growth can be realized (phenotyping).