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Research Topics

Environnemental Stress and Ecotoxicology

Plant cultures under a wide range of environnemental parameters can be perfiormed.

Published on 16 April 2015

​Test plant culture under a wide range  of environnemental conditions

The opportunity of adjusting environmental culture conditions in a vast range of values in our culture chambers is exploited to  perform experiments on biological effects of oxidative stress and  also studies on photosynthesis.

The combination of a low temperature (5°C) and a high light (1200 μmole.m-2.s-1)  allows for example the study of compounds involved   in the  response to oxidative stress.   

... and even on polluted substrates

It's also possible to perform experiments on polluted  soils. For heavy-metal pollution, a rapid quantification of heavy-metal soil-plants transfer can de realized using ICP-AES.