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Séminaire invité

Dynamics and Resolution of Dicentric Chromosomes

Du 09/04/2018 au 09/04/2018
Stéphane Marcand (DRF/JOLIOT/IRCM)

​Conférencier : Stéphane Marcand (DRF/JACOB/IRCM) invité par Laurence Blanchard (SBVME/LBC)

Dicentric chromosomes, i.e. chromosomes with two active centromeres, are unstable structures that stem from erroneous DNA repair events, for instance upon exposure to ionizing radiation or as a consequence of telomere dysfunction in cells having bypassed senescence. Migration of the centromeres toward opposite poles generates anaphase bridges, which often result in chromosome breakage. The newly broken ends can cause cell death or be subjected to DNA repair leading to further rearrangements. Therefore, dicentrics are not only a threat to cell viability but also drivers of the mutagenesis leading to cancer.

Remarkably, in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, dicentrics formed by telomere fusion often break at the fusion, a processing restoring the parental chromosomes and allowing the cell lineage to recover from the fusion with a normal karyotype. Thus, some cells can circumvent the toxicity and the genome instability that would otherwise stem from telomere fusions. This also shows that dicentric severing is a more controlled process than initially thought. I will present our recent work addressing the molecular basis of this rescue pathway.

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Salle de conférence du bâtiment 177, de 14 h à 15 h, Centre CEA Cadarache
Pour les extérieurs, merci de contacter Najat Comte au 04 42 25 27 53 pour les formalités d'entrée sur le centre.

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