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Séminaire invité

Regulation of microRNA expression and activity

Du 27/03/2018 au 27/03/2018
Jean-Philippe Combier (DR CNRS, Pôle de Biotechnologies Végétales de Castanet Tolosan)

​Conférencier : Jean-Philippe Combier (DR CNRS, Pôle de Biotechnologies Végétales de Castanet Tolosan)  invité par Nathalie Leonhardt (SBVME/LBDP) 

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small regulatory RNA molecules that inhibit expression of specific target genes by binding to and cleaving their messenger RNAs or otherwise inhibiting their translation into proteins. miRNAs are transcribed as much larger primary transcripts (pri-miRNAs), the function of which is not fully understood. We have shown that plant pri-miRNAs contain short ORFs that encode miPEPs, which are regulatory peptides. These peptides enhance the accumulation of their corresponding mature miRNAs, resulting in downregulation of their target genes. The mechanism of miPEP action involves increasing transcription of the pri-miRNA. Synthetic peptides applied to plants specifically trigger the accumulation of their corresponding miRNA, leading to developmental phenotypes, suggesting these peptides might find agronomical applications. Moreover, preliminary results revealed that miPEPs might be active in animals, opening a new field of investigation in medicine.

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Salle de conférence du bâtiment 177, de 11 h à 12 h, Centre CEA Cadarache
Pour les extérieurs, merci de contacter Najat Comte au 04 42 25 27 53 pour les formalités d'entrée sur le centre.

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