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Seminaire invité

Structural Biology of Bacterial Surface Proteins: Unraveling the Pathogenesis and Antibiotics Resistance Mechanisms

Du 12/10/2017 au 12/10/2017
Pr. Juan Hermoso (Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid)

Conférencier : Pr. Juan Hermoso (Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) at the Institute of Physical-Chemistry “Rocasolano” in Madrid), invité par D. Pignol (SBVME/LBC)


Juan A. Hermoso was born in León (Spain) in 1964 and obtained his Bachelor degree in Physics from the Universidad de Salamanca in 1989, and his PhD in Physics in 1992 from University Complutense of Madrid under direction of Prof. Martin M. Ripoll. As a postdoctoral fellow he was working in Molecular Dynamic calculations in the group of Tranqui Duc at the Laboratoire de Crystallographie CNRS (Grenoble, France) and in Macromolecular Crystallography in the group of Juan Fontecilla-Camps at Institut de Biologie Structurale-IBS (Grenoble, France). He is currently the leader of a research group and Full Professor of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) at the Institute of Physical-Chemistry "Rocasolano" in Madrid (Spain). He is responsible of the Spanish National Evaluation Agency (ANEP) for evaluation of Spanish grants in structural biology. His research focuses on multidisciplinary approach with X-ray crystallography, Protein Engineering and Bioinformatics tools aiming to provide knowledge of the three-dimensional structure of proteins and analysis of their various interactions and ligand complexes as a prerequisite for an in-depth understanding of any biological process. He has authored more than 158 papers in peer review journals such as Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, Nature Communications, JACS, PNAS, EMBO Journal, Structure, EMBO reports, Current  Opinion in Structural Biology, Current Opinion In Microbiology and Angewandte Chemie International Edition, that have been cited more than  4200 times (H-index 37). The research interests in his group encompass studies in the mechanisms of virulence and pathogenesis and the means of circumvent them. He focuses on the structural biology of the bacterial surface proteins involved in key functions, such as binding of the pathogen to host cellular receptors, antibiotics resistance, cell division, pathogenesis mechanisms or the remodeling of the peptidoglycan framework, which represent important mechanisms in the process of disease.  

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